Saturday, March 27, 2010

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fancy News - New Fancy Mural!

Well, another white wall bites the dust. Here is a detail of a new piece of decorative artwork in a local home, a handsome mural with imaginary views by Edward Huse, including one of his favorite guardian animals perched on a bit-o-architecture. The photo is taken now, before the final coat of polyurethane mixed with magic dust, because it becomes difficult for the camera to photograph after.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The artist's steed is re-shoed - another fine job by Ferguson's Automotive

Yippee! No more clatter as we trundle across the patches and random staircases that we use for roadways here in Springfield, Vermont - New brake calipers up front for the RoadMaster!

You have to really look in this picture to appreciate it for the automotive splendor that it is, but the floor is a marvel of cleanliness and order at Ferguson's Automotive located in sunny downtown Windsor, Vermont, (just a little North East of the extinct volcano). The orderly state of the floor is merely a clear testament to the seriousness of their attention to detail here - if it isn't broke, don't fix it, but if it is, you can trust it to be well-cared for at Fergusons. El taller de Fergusons es un lugar ultra-professional, donde toman el tiempo para dar atencion a todo detalle.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fancy News - Newly Acquired Vintage Image Capture Device

It is certainly curious and more than funny to see how things can sometimes look like junk until you really give them a cold hard look.
Recently, we came across an old camera at a tag sale that I finally bought for a couple of dollars for the hell of it. Initially, I found it so unattractive and almost cheasy-looking (it sports an absolutely absurd atomic image) that I didn't let myself really focus on it too closely, having at first glance written it off as a crummy slr wannabe from like 1960's Korea or Blaabistan or somewhere equally dreary. I was almost too repulsed to touch it. It did seem clean tho', and I thought some kid might love to have it for a first camera to either use, or to finish ruining completely while trying to learn how to use it. Well, it also dawned on me to try auctioning it off online or something since it was so clean and it had it's case and all - someone might love it to complement their Trabant kit or Mao suit - but to research it I had to pick it up and look at it. The first thing I did was to look at the lense for info, and my eyes popped, for such an oddball it had a 1:1.7 lens which I know means a better grade than what I ever had on an slr, so I looked it up in real ernest now, and found that it is a commonly available, old-but-excellent range finder type camera, who would have known?
It turns out that this machine is a fourth generation (circa 1973), G series, Yashica 35mm Rangefinder Electro 35, GSN, and it has quite a following out there, loads of stuff about it on the net.
This one is in it's original banged-up case but it is very clean and shows little wear and no damage that I can see beyond somebodies clumsy efforts to remove a ring from the lense assembly, (scratching the hell out of the black ring with the lens info imprinted on it in the process). They were probably trying to get in to remove some offensive flakes of debris visible under the first layer of glass inside the actual lens assembly, and without success since the cruft is still there to tell the story. The outside face of the lens seems clean and unscathed, so I have hopes for it's ability to deliver knock-out pics even with the floaters inside. Luckily, while the last custodial guardian of this edsel with killer glass not only failed to open the lens, he did remove the old battery, so that the battery compartment is clean. I am in the process of cobbling together the recommended Rube Goldberg styled battery arrangement to replace the out-of-production mercury-based battery that would have originally powered the simple little electromagnet-based computer thing that makes this such a handy instrument of expression and all-round image capture device.
I can't wait to try it out with some real film this Summer, I am reluctant to take the new dslr so this electro might do nicely (even with the odd bits of dander under the lens).

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fancy News: First Cut to be Thrashed Soon.

The first crop of silage is ready to harvest, here the work is being done - locally for local consumption

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Claudia Waite as Princess Turandot", etching by Edward Huse, 2007

Fancy News - one of my favorite prints just turned up for me - this is one of the prints that I made from my drawings rendered during the dress rehearsals for Puccini's Turandot, at Opera North last year, in Lebanon, New Hampshire. It was great fun, and Claudia Waite put on a captivating performance in her role as the Princess Turandot.
I will have versions of this available soon as: 1) a US Postage stamp from my account, and; 2) a poster or card from my account [links on the right].

Monday, May 12, 2008

Harper needs a good home.

I would like to see this dog adopted, her current owners will take care of getting her to the new owners themselves, it is indeed a painless adoption for someone ready for a great pet. Please send the url for more info to anyone that might be interested -

a fine tractor

Hosta goes nuts

Hosta is at it's coolest when it is first bursting at amazing speeds from the Earth's outer debris layer.

Firemen in nearby Ascutney, Vermont, gassing up the beast

it's nice to see that you can still drive a gas-guzzler in matching outfits in this day and age.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fancy News! Lucky Hay Wagon Makes Appearance in Jersey Girls' New Barn - can they be far behind?

Here the new barn is being made ready for the happy cows to come - in one shot the lucky hay wagon makes it's fortuitous appearance, and in another shot Don Queso is seen to wave hello to the crowds of spirits of 'cheeses-to-be' that already jostle about for space in the great new barn.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fancy News; our Moose has made an appearance!

It may not be widely known, but our little Springfield, Vermont, besides having been elected the Official Home of the Simpsons, has the distinction of hosting a resident moose population, and last evening one of the younger members of that clan made an appearance in the public parking lot off of Mineral Street near the Comptu Falls.
It was a most pleasant visit at first. Now that it is Spring, neighbors are out and about - people and other creatures who haven't seen each other or been outside to enjoy nature at all in months. It was nice to see Moose come down to town and poke around with mild curiosity, at least until for some reason (unknown to man, or beast it turns out) a member of the Springfield police force decided to use the police cruiser as a communications device.
"You shouldn't do that officer!", offered neighbor Bob, but no, the officer proceeded to go through the complete Moose vocabulary offered by a small-town squad car, and when he was done the little moose came over and most deftly crushed the hood to the pavement with one smooth, almost elegant gesture - with an apparent ease and effortless grace that left all breathless with astonishment, and full of admiration for a critic of bad behavior that doesn't mind being forceful in the pursuit of decorum.